Miscellany is a collection of previous works, some of which are installations whilst others are stand alone pieces.

Colonisation is a piece of work that shows tiny porcelain seedlings populating a dry stane dyke. I love to observe tiny plants emerging through impossible cracks in walls and pavements. The 30 second film was shot at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and commissioned by the BBC.

Gramineae is the name for the grass family and is the title I gave to a site-specific work that I made for an exhibition with Heartwood Artists at the old stable block in Cambo Estate, Fife. The stable had not been used for many years and I noticed remnants of fodder still in the horse racks. I looked at SMS images of pollen, and specifically of the grasses that make up hay, then re-created their shapes in porcelain. These were hung on fishing line to quietly “float” in the now deserted stable as a connection to its past.