Forth Flora: A Study in Porcelain

This is a commission for the new Haematology Wing at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, which opened in May 2021. The brief was to explore the landscape, ecology and heritage of the Firth of Forth.

The work comprises of a set of five glazed box frames: three large main frames, linked by two small boxes. These frames contain hand-built porcelain forms inspired by some of the different plants growing within the area of the 3 iconic bridges that span the Firth of Forth. Each frame has a different theme: Flowering Plants, Bryophytes (mosses and liverworts) and Lichens. The 2 small boxes contain porcelain labels depicting the common names of the plants which inspired the work. These bespoke oak box frames are instantly recognisable as a representation of the famous Forth Rail Bridge.

The finished work is fixed to a large wall. Each main frame measures: 87.5 cm (W), 58 cm (H), 10 cm (D).

All images of Forth Flora by Shannon Tofts.

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